Service & Case


Henan Jinyu Wear-resistant Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shuo Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. reached a long-term cooperation agreement.

Shanghai Shuo Feng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a strong trading company. By chance, your company found our company on the Internet and contacted us. I learned that your company is purchasing liners for Japanese customers, and our company is a professional manufacturer of wear-resistant castings. In order to learn more about our company, Mr. Hao of Shuo Feng Industrial decided to bring Japanese customers to visit our company.

Under the leadership of Manager Jiao, he took him to visit our R & D center, production workshop, laboratory, and machining workshop. Customers in Japan appreciated our company's rigorous work attitude, and immediately reached a long-term cooperation agreement, which also opened up overseas markets for our company. Through the use of products, Japanese customers are very satisfied with the high-manganese steel liners we have produced. So far, we have been using our liners.