Jinyu Technology's Cleaner Production Audit Promotion Conference



  Cleaner production audit refers to the investigation and diagnosis of production and service processes in accordance with certain procedures to find out the causes of high energy consumption, high material consumption and heavy pollution, and propose to reduce the use and generation of toxic and hazardous materials, reduce energy consumption, material consumption and waste. The process of generating the scheme, and then selecting a technically economically and environmentally feasible cleaner production scheme.

  For this clean production audit, the middle-level manager of Henan Jinyu Wear-resistant Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Manager Yang made the following arrangements for this work:

  1. Earnestly publicize and implement the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China, create a strong atmosphere, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees through meetings, documents and other flexible and diverse forms, encourage all employees to participate, and provide suggestions for clean production work in enterprises.

  2. Establish a perfect reward and punishment system to achieve the purpose of encouragement and encouragement. During the cleaner production audit, in accordance with the actual situation of the production, employees who have made significant contributions to this work will be rewarded; those who do not know the position and not actively working will be punished to promote cleaner production.

  3. Establish a sound organization, clarify tasks, implement responsibilities, and cooperate with the cleaner production review expert team to conduct audits. All departments and teams should establish corresponding organizational structures at different levels, decompose task indicators, implement them at various levels, conduct in-depth research, and truly take cleaner production as an important measure to improve the overall quality and competitiveness of our company.

  4. Actively implement audit recommendations and plans. In the production practice, targeted investigation and analysis of various problems found in the clean production audit should be conducted; for more difficult problems, the review and leadership team should discuss and decide, and finally come up with a practical solution.

  5. Promote the collection of proposals for cleaner production rationalization. In order to change the management method, limit the generation of pollutants, reduce pollution and increase efficiency, make reasonable use of resources, and carry out the collection of clean production rationalization proposals, according to the actual production situation, carefully organize and submit the collected rationalization recommendations to the clean production review. Group office.

  Clean production is not only a process of implementing a clean production plan during the audit, but a model of operating and producing according to this plan for a long time. Through this meeting, all employees of Jinyu Technology have a new understanding of cleaner production and attach great importance to it. I believe that everyone will see a new Jinyu in the near future.