What is the reason that the movable jaw cannot swing?



  Jaw crusher mainly relies on jaw plate for crushing and crushing ore. The jaw plate of jaw crusher is divided into movable jaw and fixed jaw. The movable jaw is movable, which plays an important role in the crushing of the material. What causes the jaw to be unable to swing?

  The jaw crusher is widely used in mining equipment. Its crushing ratio is large and it is suitable for crushing ore with high hardness. It is a kind of ore crushing and processing equipment that is very popular with everyone. In addition, the jaw crusher will also damage the equipment parts after long-term work. The most severe abrasion is the jade plate. After a period of use, the jade plate must be replaced in time. The material of the jade plate is not recommended to use a high-hardness high chromium alloy material. Manganese steel E plate is a good choice.

  During the work of the jaw crusher, if a loud noise is heard, the moving jaw plate will stop swinging. The problems that cause the jaw crushing mobile jaw to be unable to swing mainly include the rotation of the flywheel, the swing of the connecting rod, and the loosening of the tie rod spring, which will cause the movable jaw plate to stop swinging. The moving jaw cannot swing. The common reason is that non-broken objects fall into the equipment, that is, other unrelated broken materials, which cause the thrust plate to break or the rivet to break. If the lower part of the connecting rod is damaged, it is mainly because The groove of the thrust plate supporting slider installed under the connecting rod has cracks. Therefore, if the calculation is not performed properly during installation, the movable jaw will not be swung.

  In the process of crushing huge stones into small stones, the first crusher is usually the "main" crusher. The longest and strongest crusher is a jaw crusher. When feeding the jaw crusher, the material is poured into the crushing chamber containing jaw teeth from the top entrance. The jaw teeth push the material against the wall of the chamber with great force and break it into smaller stones. Supporting the movement of the jaw teeth is an eccentric shaft that runs through the fuselage frame. Eccentric motion is usually produced by flywheels fixed at both ends of the shaft. Flywheels and eccentric support bearings often use spherical roller bearings. The bearings must withstand huge impact loads, abrasive sewage and high temperatures. During work, the movable jaw plate periodically reciprocates the fixed jaw plate, sometimes approaching and leaving. When approaching, the material is crushed, split, and impacted between the two jaws; when leaving, the crushed material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

  According to the working principle of jaw crusher, it is necessary to find the cause in time when the moving jaw cannot swing. In addition, the jaw crusher is the main force of the first crusher, and the jaw crusher must be replaced in time to not affect the next stone crushing.