What are the advantages of lost foam casting?



  Lost foam casting (also known as solid casting) is a combination of foam models that are similar to the size and shape of the casting to form a model cluster. After brushing with refractory paint and drying, it is buried in dry quartz sand and vibrated in shape. A new casting method that vaporizes the model, occupies the position of the model, and solidifies and cools to form a casting.

  Compared with the traditional casting technology, lost foam casting has the following characteristics: 1. Good casting quality and low cost; 2. Unlimited material and suitable size; 3. High dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, reduced cleaning, saving machining; 4 , Internal defects are greatly reduced, and the organization is dense; 5, large-scale and large-scale production can be achieved, and the automated assembly line is more environmentally friendly. 6, can greatly improve the operating environment, reduce labor intensity, reduce energy consumption.

  The process of lost foam casting is as follows: one: process design; two: model making, technicians make wear-resistant casting models according to drawings and connect them into strings. 3: molten steel molten; 4: chemical composition of spectral analysis; 5: pouring; 6: heat treatment; 7: hardening treatment of quenching liquid; 8: tempering 1000 ° C; 9: mechanical processing; 10: hot shot blasting; 11: testing hardness Twelve: packaging;