Chromium-manganese two-liquid composite high wear-resistant castings



  The chromium-manganese dual-liquid composite hammer head is an advanced technology in the current domestic foundry industry. The following paragraphs need to be understood and understood when casting dual-liquid composite hammer heads:

  The wear-resistant hammer head has been developed for many years, and it has shown a good development trend, and its wear resistance has been the focus of people's attention. As we all know, chromium metal is a wear-resistant material with excellent anti-wear properties, but its toughness is low and brittle fracture is easy to occur. In order to make the high-chromium cast iron operate safely, a composite hammer head was developed, that is, high-chrome inlay is cast on the bottom of high-manganese steel or low-alloy steel hammer, that is, the working part of the hammer head is made of high-chromium cast iron, and the hammer handle part is made of carbon steel. The combination of the two makes the head of the hammer head part have high hardness and high wear resistance, while the hammer shank part has high toughness. It takes full advantage of the two materials to overcome the shortcomings of a single material. The combination of toughness and wear resistance is One, making the product wear-resistant and not broken, is the perfect combination of steel and iron, so that the product has good comprehensive properties such as wear-resistant, impact resistance, safety and reliability. In the cement industry, the service life of broken cement clinker is higher than that of high-manganese steel. The hammer head is raised several times.

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