What are the advantages of high chromium alloy hammers compared to traditional forged hammers?



  The hammer head is the main accessory of the hammer crusher. The wear of the hammer head is mainly caused by the friction between the hammer head and the material. In the traditional process, the material of the hammer head is forged with manganese steel, just like a train wheel. Forging is very hard after being beaten and quenched and heat-treated. Generally speaking, it is like the utensils made by ancient blacksmiths. However, the serious defect of the hammer head produced in this way is that it is easy to heat and not wear, not to mention the high-speed rotation like a hammer Under the conditions of high temperature caused by friction, hammer heads produced by forging have been gradually eliminated.

  Today, the rapid development of manufacturing industry, Henan Jinyu Wear-resistant Materials Co., Ltd. advances with the times, and cooperates with Zhengzhou University and Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute to form a professional grinding high-tech development group, in which high-chromium alloy casting hammers are developed. The high-wear-resistant products researched and produced by the group have been enthusiastically sought after by the majority of users. What are the advantages of high-chromium alloy hammers?

  Chrome: hard texture, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, is a good hammer material. The melting point of chromium is 1857 degrees, heat resistance, wear resistance, hard and oxidation resistance. Chromium is heat-resistant for stainless steel superalloys and heating alloys. The chromium content of hammers produced by our company is above 26% according to national standards. The high chromium hammerhead has high hardenability due to the content of chromium and carbon. The hardenability is better than medium chromium alloy wear-resistant steel and low alloy wear-resistant steel. After pouring, it is quenched by a quenching furnace. Hammer heads with large wall thickness can add alloy elements such as molybdenum and nickel to further improve hardenability. The mechanical properties of high chromium steels vary greatly due to the different carbon content, which provides conditions for reasonable selection of wear conditions. The high chromium hammer head has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high wear resistance, long service life, etc. It is an ideal choice for metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors.

  Of course, there are many types of hammer heads. It is a wise choice to use alloy hammer heads of different materials under different working conditions. Choose Jinyu, choose the most professional production team, and win step by step for your continuous and efficient production.