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Mill Accessories

Product name: Mill Accessories
Common aliases: Grinding liner, cylinder liner, trapezoidal liner, liner ring groove, trench lining, diaphragm plate
Main material: High manganese steel Mn13cr2, the chromium alloy, high chromium (Cr15, Cr23, Cr26, etc.)
Technology: EPC, water glass sand casting
Applicable materials: Quartz, gold ore, iron ore, cement clinker, copper ore, pyrrhotite, construction waste, cement clink


  High manganese steel liner high manganese steel liner strength and toughness of a proprietary chemical composition, microstructure and properties, and toughness of high manganese steel liner production and tough water treatment processes, industrial tests showed high toughness manganese steel liner wear resistance is 1.5 times.

  High-chromium alloy liner a high chromium cast iron. Because of its good abrasion resistance and a certain toughness, become good manufacturing liner material. For the study of high chromium cast iron. Focused on high chromium cast iron with trace elements replace the precious metal element, end table modification, to obtain new high chromium cast iron liners impact toughness and impact abrasion performance has improved significantly.

  The chromium alloy steel liner for a modified high manganese steel and high chromium cast iron high content of alloying elements. Expensive and prone to cracking in production, Henan Kim from the standpoint of organization and performance to carry out the new medium and high carbon alloys Research on steel, to middle and high carbon steel Taiwan Jinyuan Kang added, such as Si, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni. Cu, or add a small amount of B, Ti, V, Re, etc., in order to achieve grain refinement to improve Objective hardenability and modification of the mechanical properties of high grip, installed in China Shenhua practical assessment that high manganese steel liner life increased 1-3 times.

  In practice, the specific choice of what kind of material and structure, to be a reasonable choice according to the specific working conditions. Henan Kim wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing high-quality ball mill liner manufacturers, the company produced high manganese steel ball mill liners, high-chrome cast iron, wear-resistant alloy steel and other materials casting, ball mill liners are more resistant than other materials wear, longer life!

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