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Crusher Parts

Product name: Crusher Parts
Common aliases: High chrome plate hammer, hammer composite panels
Main material: High chromium Cr26, Cr30
Technology: V method, EPC, water glass sand casting
Applicable materials: Gangue, river gravel, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz and other
Applications: Sand and gravel quarry, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plants, dry mortar, desulfurization pla


Hammer crusher is an important consumable parts need to be replaced regularly;

Crusher wear parts are plate hammer, counter blocks, counter meal, liner, steel, pressed mass. Accessories by high manganese steel, high chrome, wear-resistant alloy steel casting wear-resistant materials. Shape plate hammer a lot. There are elongated, T-shaped and other forms volts. Generally elongated.

High chrome hammer

For working conditions and the structural characteristics of large-scale counterattack crusher, Kim science and technology research and development of ultra-high chromium cast iron plate with a hammer comprehensive high wear resistance, service life is 1-2 times of ordinary high manganese steel. Compared with similar products, Kim casting technology production of semi-solid eutectic high chromium plate hammer has a high safety, wear resistance, and cost advantages.

Composite board hammer

Using technology to produce mosaic wear-resistant alloys. To lift off the wear resistance. Kim technology in the hammer enough valid bits on the mounting portion of high hardness carbide blocks. High abrasion resistance, can withstand extremely harsh abrasive wear.

Alloy block counter

Alloy block counter selection of tanks and armored vehicles caterpillar board material, toughness, hardness and taste, service life than the original high-manganese steel lift-off 1-3 times, and increase the rate of material crushing, can extend the life of the rack.

Impact crusher liner

Crusher liner is generally made of high manganese steel casting, many shapes crusher liner, there are two types of broken line and arc-shaped. Mansard counterattack on the back plate surface enables each point materials are approximately perpendicular to the direction of impact, so for optimum crushing effect. Arcuate surface enables counterattack gob after a rebound out of the back plate, the center region is formed in the intense impact grinding zone, in order to increase the impact of free material crushing effect.

Henan Kim wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. is a professional impact crusher parts manufacturers, advises clients in the selection counterattack broken boards hammer, first select a perfect quality of the manufacturers, which can greatly reduce the cost of production of high-chromium alloy plate hammer, but also saves replacement hammer time, improve production efficiency.

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