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High manganese steel castings
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High manganese steel castings

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1, the chemical composition of high manganese steel

High manganese steel in accordance with national standards are divided into five grades, the main difference is the carbon content in the range of 0.75% -1.45%. By the impact of large, low carbon content. Its scope of application of common high manganese steel grades are: ZGMn13-1 (C 1.10% ~ 1.50%) for low-impact member, ZGMn13-2 (C1.00% ~ 1.40%) for ordinary members, ZGMn13-3 (C0.90% ~ 1.30%) complex parts, ZGMn13-4 (C0.90% ~ 1.20%) is used for high-impact pieces. Manganese content of more than four kinds of steel grades were 11.0% to 14.0%. Manganese content is between 11.0% -14.0%, generally not less than 13%. Ultra-high manganese steel is no national standard, but the manganese content should be greater than 18%. Silicon content level of chromium is to improve the abrasion resistance, generally about 2.0%. Used to produce excavator shovel teeth, cone crusher broken wall and rolling wall, jaw crusher fork plate, ball mill liner, hammer, hammer and so on.

2, the high burden of quality assurance

Into the furnace material is determined by the chemical composition. The main charge is high-quality carbon steel (or ingots), high carbon ferromanganese, medium carbon ferromanganese, high-carbon ferrochrome and charge high manganese steel back. Remind here it is people think that as long as the appropriate chemical composition, you can go back to charge more. This understanding is wrong. The reason why some plant products of poor quality, are out of this. Not only high manganese steel, super high manganese steel, all metal castings, must not be excessive use of scrap, then return the excess charge how? As long as the waste to a minimum, it will not charge back to surplus.

High manganese steel under strong impact abrasive wear conditions, has excellent abrasion resistance, it is often used in mining, building materials, thermal power and other mechanical equipment, the production of wear parts. At low impact working conditions, due to work hardening effect is not obvious, high manganese steel can not play to the characteristics of the material, so please note that the majority of my friends.

3, non-magnetic

Non-magnetic high manganese steel is the most prominent feature, is the best resolution of the property. Often used to make retaining ring in the motor industry. Density type of steel is 7.87 ~ 7.98g / cm3. Because the carbon and manganese contents are high, poor thermal conductivity of steel. Thermal conductivity 12.979W / (m • ℃), carbon steel is about 1/3. Because steel is austenitic, non-magnetic, magnetic permeability μ of 1.003 ~ 1.03 (H / m), that require non-magnetic working conditions can be selected.

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