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Low alloy steel

产品名称: 低合金钢 常用别名: 低合金钢,普钢,35#钢,45#钢 主要材质: 合金 铸造工艺: 消失模铸造 适用物料: 石料 应用范围: 冶炼、建材、公路、铁路、水利和化工等


  W (C) = 0.2% - 0.35% of the multivariate low alloy steel, after the water quenching and tempering treatment, high hardness, good wear resistance, good strong toughness, not easy to deformation and fracture in use, in accordance with the different content of alloy after oil quenching (or empty quenching and tempering heat treatment processing, can get good tenacity, high hardness, good wear resistance and wear resistant steel, used in ball mill liner, small and medium-sized jaw plate, etc.
The impact load of working condition must be considered in the application, which requires the foundry to have enough judgment ability and cooperation experience of relevant working condition.

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